It’s A Beautiful Day In Kona Today

Kailua Kona

Kona Unscathed By Hurricane Iselle

Kailua Kona

It’s about 7AM at the time of this post, so far Hurricane Iselle is a dud as far as Kona is concerned. The Hilo side of the island took the brunt of the storm, and nothing really happened over there to justify the hype surrounding the storm, which is good. Currently the sky is grey […]

Waiting For Iselle – 2:21PM Thursday

Kailua Kona

No rain yet. Probably tonight. Plenty of supplies at the local stores contrary to what the news people report. Over the next couple of days I will be updating you with a daily video or more. Stay tuned…

Hurricanes & Kona Coffee 

Makua Coffee

I’m kinda like an old dog, you bring me food, I remember you forever. Stacy and Dylan from roast some of the best Kona coffee I’ve ever drank, and when they bring me a vehicle for service, they also bring me fresh roasted coffee. I’m breathing in the heavenly aroma as we speak. Hurricane Double Whammy […]

Beach day in Kona.